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About us – Commercial and Licensed Custom Broker in Canada

DH Customs Brokers is a commercial and licensed custom brokers company offering services in different locations all over the U.S. including Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Montreal, Haifax, Edmonton and Calgary. We make use of the latest custom release initiatives including an electronic customs clearance network to ensure that our clients get their products in good conditions within a stipulated, short span of time. Our commercial custom brokers team meets the specific requirement of your Industry. Our team of experts is licensed custom brokers and will guide you through the processes of specific product requirements, NAFTA compliance, duty or tax recovery, tariff classification as well as valuation. We believe in developing long term bonds with our clients and hence review all products as well as importer’s records to check quality and whether they comply with both tariff and non-tariff based requirements. We will also guide you when it comes to non-tariff barriers or product requirements. For importers, we offer international freight forwarding and shipping, distribution and warehousing services along with trade compliance seminar services.

What we offer as Commercial and Licensed Custom Broker

We offer clearance for all modes of transport including air, rail, ocean, courier and truck and clearance is obtained at all customs ports of Canada. DH Broker Services also has trade compliance consulting services. Importers can get guidance regarding NAFTA if they want to get special traffic in a duty-free way. Our company has all the necessary infrastructure, resources and expertise required to help in the transportation of the goods. From our commercial custom brokerage services, you can get help in preparing your export declaration, clearing all the formal entries as well as the live entries. We also coordinate duty drawbacks.

What can you Expect from our Commercial Custom Broker in Canada

If your packages are heavy, you need not worry since DH Customs Brokers are equipped with the technology of handling heavy freight which you enable you to move from one country to another in a hassle-free way. We believe that our growth and development is closely associated with our clients’ hence we provide all the essential support required by you to sustain our business and grow internationally. We offer the latest custom services such as entry reconciliation and remote filling.

How Customer will Reach us

Customers can place an order with us by setting up an account. We offer quotations through the inquiry form and email both. You can choose to pay online if that is more comfortable for you. Special discounts are given to existing and online customers. We accept payments through PayPal as well as debit and credit cards of Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Our services are available 24X7 and so is our live reception team for assisting you via direct calls.

Do you need our services? If yes, simply ask for a quote via email. After we respond to your queries, you can create an account with us. For any queries related to our commercial custom brokerage services, kindly fill out our contact us form or you can call us 905-238-8120. You can also drop a mail to us.