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Canadian Customs Brokers

We offer high quality customs related services to assist importers of all industry types. We are well equipped with an experienced team of specialists and reputed commercial custom brokers. Our team guides you throughout the entire process of Customs clearance Canada of your shipment adhering to all the government regulations and customs compliance.

Demand of Canadian Customs Brokers

We offer our reliable help to customers throughout the lengthy process of rules and regulations of the Canada Customs. Interestingly, we have understood the needs of our target audience as has been reflected in the Google AdWords:

Demand for Canadian Customs Brokers - Adwords Data November 2014

This graph represents the growing popularity of the people wanting the help of licensed custom brokers specially in the other cities of Canada. Hence, we have started moving forward aggressively to be able to serve our clients better. We wish to becomes the most reliable and client friendly Canadian customs brokers.

DH Customs Broker is uniquely positioned to provide your company with the Canadian customs brokerage and logistics services necessary to stay competitive in today’s Global marketplace. There’s no challenge we haven’t faced and overcome as part of our Canadian customs brokerage services. Our Vancouver customs broker specialists are here to assist with the challenges of international trade and can offer guidance with: Whatever the needs and requirements, we specifically cater our Canadian customs brokerage services to best suit each individual client.  Our goal is to provide the best possible logistics services for our customers and ensure that their requirements are efficiently, effectively and sufficiently met. We take customer service seriously.

DH Customs Broker provides clarity in a world of trade complexity so that businesses can grow further, faster, smarter. Over 30,000 clients trust us with their Canadian customs brokerage, trade consulting, global trade management and freight needs. Imagine the efficiency of a trusted relationship that includes Canadian customs brokerage, deep compliance expertise, networked technologies, and global freight services. Linked. So it all just works.

DH Customs Broker was already well-established in the Canadian customs brokerage and Consulting fields. DH continues to be in the forefront of the technological advances taking place in the fields of Canadian customs brokerage & Freight Forwarding. Keeping up with the industry’s technical advances is another way to ensure that we are providing the most up-to-date services. With the full range of transportation services offered by DH Customs Broker and our logistics services , we provide an effective and efficient Canadian customs brokerage service for all of our clients, which include:

  • International Freight Forwarding – all modes
  • Transborder Freight Forwarding
  • Import – Export Customs Clearance Services
  • Non-Resident Importers
  • Canadian / US Customs Drawbacks/Refunds
  • Duty/ Tax Rulings and Remissions
  • Warehousing and Distribution
  • Transportation Consulting
  • Certified Transportation of Dangerous Goods
  • Trade Fairs & Exhibitions
  • Small Package Service (RAPIDPAK)

What We Provide as Custom Broker In Canada?

  • We take full advantage of the latest Customs release initiatives to be able to serve our clients better.
  • We offer our unfaltering services to our clients and review their goods in order to ensure that they comply with the regulations specified for those products.
  • Our team of customs expert guide our customers through the complex processes of
    • Tariff classification
    • Valuation
    • Tax/Duty Recovery
    • Specific requirements of the products
  • We have our services open for our clients 24×7. Not just that but we also have our Live Reception Team to assist direct calls.
  • With time we have obtained clearance at all the Commercial Customs ports of entry in Canada.

Why Customer Choose us as Canadian Custom Broker

We offer a lot of perks to our customers, which in turn makes us a favorite among our client base. Our facilities have been appraised by our clients because:

  • We offer clearance on all modes of transportation like Air, Ocean, Truck, Rail and Courier.
  • We provide Trade compliance consultancy services to all our customers.

DH Customs Broker offers Customs clearance Canada at all ports across Canada, including Vancouver. Whether by Ocean, air, or truck, DH Online Canadian customs brokerage solutions can help you or your business save time and money. If you have shipments coming here or going there, please feel free to contact us!!!

Where you can find us in Canada as Custom Broker

  • In Toronto, city in Ontario, Canada
  • In Montreal, City in Québec, Canada
  • In Vancouver, City in British Columbia, Canada
  • In Calgary, City in Alberta, Canada
  • In Edmonton, City in Alberta, Canada
  • In Winnipeg, City in Manitoba, Canada
  • In Halifax, City in Nova Scotia, Canada

How Will You Find Us

We are just a phone call away from serving you better or you can mail us @info@dhcbi.ca or contact us .