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Customs Clearance in Canada

With more than 8 years of experience in the field of customs clearance, we have gathered a dynamic client base who trust and rely on our services. We serve importers belonging to all the industry sectors. Guide them throughout the process of clearing their shipment and at the same time ensure that all the government rules and regulation have been followed.

Demand of Customs Clearance in Canada

The growing needs of custom clearance in Canada can be graphically represented with the help of the data collected from Google AdWords. Let us take a look at it:

Demand for Customs Clearance In Canada - Adwords Data November 2014

Through this graph we can see that the increasing demand for custom clearance has been on the rise in many of the cities in Canada. Hence, at DHCBI we have extended our services to be able to serve our clients better and solve their problems and queries.

What We Provide as Customs Clearance in Canada?

  • We use the electronic customs clearance network which in turn helps to clear the goods efficiently and quickly.
  • We take full advantage of the latest and the recently updated Customs release initiatives since that benefits our clients a lot.
  • We take care of the customs clearance for heavy freight since that allows customers to move their shipments across borders without much of a hassle.
  • We take time to review the goods or the products in order to adhere with the product specification regulations.
  • We have our team of professional and licensed advisers who offer their experienced advice on the non tariff barriers and the product requirements.

Why Customers Choose Us? – Your Customs Clearance in Canada

The perks that we offer our customers are a temptation hard to resist. This makes us a favorite among our clients. So you can take a look at the facilities we offer our clients:

We have our services open for assistance 24×7 for our clients. So always remember you can drop in your queries at all times. Not just that but we also have the 24×7 Live Reception Team in order to assist direct calls.

Where you can find us in Canada as Custom Clearance

  • In Toronto, city in Ontario, Canada
  • In Montreal, City in Québec, Canada
  • In Vancouver, City in British Columbia, Canada
  • In Calgary, City in Alberta, Canada
  • In Edmonton, City in Alberta, Canada
  • In Winnipeg, City in Manitoba, Canada
  • In Halifax, City in Nova Scotia, Canada

So give us a call today @905-238-8120 and allow us to handle all your problems.