Step By Step Guide To Import Commercial Goods In Canada

This is a step by step guide to import commercial goods in Canada. Every country has it own rules and regulations for importing goods. Some goods may be prohibited and for some you need to pay extra duties. Proper paperworks and documents are needed to be procured at the customs points to avoid the shipments being turned back. You can take the assistance of a licensed customs broker to help you through the import procedures and save you from the troubles.

The steps to import goods in Canada:

  • Business Number

The initial step is obtaining a business number. This unique Business Number (BN) is issued by the Canada Revenue Agency for an import account. You need to call or visit the CRA and can obtain it free of any charge.

  • Information

Gather as much information as possible about the good you want to import. Literature and samples any thing that describes your shipment. This will help in determining the tariff classification of your good, which in turn is used to calculate the tariff clarification number. The rate of duty for your goods will be determined on the basis of this number.

  • Permission

You need to ensure that the good you want to import are not prohibited in Canada. You can obtain the information on prohibited products in Canada from the Memoranda Series D9.

  • Restrictions

Some goods require special permission to be imported in Canada.These may require special duties to be paid, permits , certificates and are subjected to inspection. The CBSA provides the list of restricted products in Canada

  • Determining the origin

It is essential to determine the origin of your goods. This does not only mean the country from where it was shipped to you , but also the origin of manufacture of each individual part of the assembled good.

  • Classification of goods

Once the above points are met with you are needed to obtain a 10 digit tariff classification number, for the good you are planning to import in Canada.This helps in calculating the rate of duty you are required to pay.

  • Paperworks

You are needed to record every document from the purchase of the goods, its classification , certification and custom duty form etc, to be able clear the Canadian borders.

You can get your own documentation, paperworks ready and be prepared to deal with the CBSA yourself. Or you can obtain the service of an authorized and licensed customs broker to help you through the entire process of importing. DH Customs Brokers provide the facilities of documentation, calculation and release of goods across the Canadian border.

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