FAQs on Licensed Custom Broker

What is a licensed customs broker, and why do I need one?

A customs broker can be an individual or a company with a license from the CBSA to handle importing on behalf of their clients. Though an individual can handle the process by himself, but since the importing procedure has many aspects attached it is wiser to appoint a licensed customs broker. Every transaction during the import is handled by the customs broker, including documentation of the goods, meeting with the trade regulations, making payments to the CBSA, providing advice to enhance the business opportunities, and most important of all handling the stress associated with this lengthy procedure of import. In short a customs broker is need to take the load off the shoulder of their clients.

What do I need in order to import goods into Canada?

The first thing that you need to import goods in Canada, is to get a registered business number. After this account has been opened, detailed invoices are required to be prepared and submitted at the CBSA, regarding the value of the shipment, origin of the shipment, number of goods in one shipment, total weight of the good, along with the date of arrival. This should reach the CBSA before the goods arrive at the Canadian borders. Along with this report, the carrier company has to mark the shipment with a Pre Arrival Review System Label, which should match with the report transferred previously when the goods finally arrive at the BORDER.

Will I have to pay duties and taxes on my imports?

The rate and the duties to be paid, depend directly to the nature of the goods being imported. In addition to this, almost all commercial items that are imported in Canada are subjected to 5% Goods and Service Tax. Rates are determined according to the Customs Tariffs.

Can I clear my own freight, or should I hire a broker to do so?

A company cannot be continuously updated about the frequent changes in regulatory methods of the CIFA. It would be wiser to appoint a customs broker to take care of clearing freights and save these headaches. A reputed customs broker should be well aware of any changes in regulations of the international trade community.

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