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Welcome to Dhcbi – Expert Customs Brokers in Canada

We are synonymous with customs clearance in Canada. With more than 8 years of experience under our belt we have developed a strong and reliable client base. We have extended our trusted and licensed custom broker services to the importers from all industry sectors. The demand of custom brokers have been overwhelmingly high throughout Canada. This can be further elaborated with the help of this graphical representation.

Demand of Expert Customs Brokers In Canada

Demand for Canadian Customs Brokers - Adwords Data November 2014

As you can see in the Google AdWords graph, the highest search for customs brokers has been in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Hence, it is necessary for us to extend our services and reach out to our target audience in those areas as well.

What we provide as a Expert Customs Broker?

  • We offer guidance to importers about NAFTA (North American Free Trade) in order to clear special traffic duty free.
  • In depth knowledge of resources and expertise is something we provide for assistance in order to transport goods.
  • The list of customs brokerage services that we provide includes:
    • Clearing live entries
    • Co-ordinating Duty Drawbacks
    • Preparing Export Declarations
  • We take care of the customs clearance for heavy freight that allow customers to move shipments seamlessly across borders.

Why customer choose us as a Expert Customs Broker?

  • We offer all sorts of payment services like PayPal, MasterCard, American Express, Visa.
  • Our customers need to stay aware about our pricing and understanding this need of theirs, we provide online quotation against your valuable services.
  • We are more than happy to respond to all your queries through email or the inquiry form.
  • We stay updated at all times about the latest customs programs, this could be the remote filling services as well as the entry reconciliation in order to assist customers to keep their business on the leading edge in international trade.
  • The goodies that we have for our existing customers as well as online customers is the special discounts.

Our simple shipment process as a Expert Customs Broker in Canada

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Where you can find us in Canada as a Expert Customs Broker

  • In Toronto, city in Ontario, Canada
  • In Montreal, City in Québec, Canada
  • In Vancouver, City in British Columbia, Canada
  • In Calgary, City in Alberta, Canada
  • In Edmonton, City in Alberta, Canada
  • In Winnipeg, City in Manitoba, Canada
  • In Halifax, City in Nova Scotia, Canada

So join the club soon and become one of our existing customers to avail the special discounts because they are really special.

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