Why Should We Appoint a Licensed Custom Broker?

If you are new into import business, it can be rather daunting for you to arrange for the import brokerage. The national security at present is going through an all time high value and there are also several other important responsibilities and regulations that must be adhered to in order to arrange for the import brokerage.

If you are new into the import business and have little or no knowledge about the rules and the regulations of the import processes, it can cost you dearly in terms of money as penalties. Thus it is needless to say that as an importer, you must remember that you have the basic knowledge about the various import rules, regulations and responsibilities. However, there is also a great alternative available to you. You need not know everything at all and can concentrate on what you do best- the business. There are licensed custom brokers available who can assist you with the various processes of importing in the most convenient manner.

Why you should hire a licensed custom broker in Canada?

The first and the foremost reason why you should make it a point to hire a licensed custom broker in Canada is because of the compliance. It can be a rather time consuming and difficult task to sort the HTSUS (Harmonized Tariff Schedule of United States) in the country, and also keep a track on the various customs regulations. To comply with all those regulations and also sort through the importing process needs professional expertise that can only be provided by the licensed custom brokers.

The task of a licensed custom broker

The main task of a licensed custom broker is to classify all the items in the most accurate manner on the commercial invoice provided by you as an importer. He holds more information and knowledge about the latest requirements and regulations that the Customs or the other government agencies have imposed on the importing rules. He will also be able to proceed with the importing duties with any extra notifications and filings that might be required at the last moment.

Another thing that a good and a reliable licensed customs broker can do for you is that in case you have made any mistake in your entries, he will be able to correct them. In case you submit the application for entry with the mistakes, you stand a chance of stern penalty issued by the Customs department.

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