Tips on traveling to Canada

Travelers and tourists are welcomed in Canada as long as they abide with the norms and requirements of customs clearance at the Canadian Borders.

To enter the country you need to have


Have proper identification

You need to have your identification papers for you and your ward confirming the authorization for you to enter Canada.

For U. S. citizens and permanent residents, proof of citizenship such as a passport/birth certificate,U.S. Permanent Resident Card/Certificate of Indian Status along with photo identification.

When you enter Canada, a customs officer will ask to see your passport and a valid visa.


What you can bring with you

As a tourist you can bring certain personal things as“personal baggage”. This includes clothing, camping and sports equipment, cameras and personal computers.

The Canada Border Services Agency ( CBSA) officers will ask you to declare your goods, and examine them. This is also done to make sure that you do not have to pay any duty when you leave the country.


Making your Declaration at the Customs

Presenting yourself to the CBSA

Anyone traveling into Canada needs to declare all their personal possessions to the officers of Canada Border Services Agencies, whether valuable or not. It is also required to declare any food plant and animal products that you are planning to bring in to the country. It is important to get a custom clearance before you enter and leave Canada.


Referrals for secondary services and inspections

You can be referred to secondary services and inspections area by the CBSA officers at any point of interview.

Reasons for secondary inspection:
Detailed verification your declaration and documentation;
In depth questioning about self and the kinds of goods you are traveling with
Discussing your credentials to be permitted in Canada, and the admissibility of the things in your possession.
Questions regarding paying duty and taxes
To obtain a random inspection
If reported to carry an amount of currency more than the permitted CAN$10,000.
For processing paperworks to support your entry to Canada.


Restricted/prohibited goods

Few goods are prohibited in Canada, they are
Firearms and weapons
Food, plants, animals and related products
Explosives, fireworks and ammunition
Consumer products
If you are found to carry any of the items while traveling to Canada, you can be penalized and the goods can be confiscated by the CBSA officers.

DH Customs Brokers offer services in providing customs clearance when you exit or enter Canada. The Customs Brokers appointed by us are well informed about the custom clearance procedure in Canada and can guide you through all documentation and help you to get a faster clearance.

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