Tips for speeding your way through customs

You will need to fill in a customs declaration form, as your visit abroad comes to an end.This is the initial step.The next step would be an interview with the customs officer. When you arrive at Passport Control or an international border, a Customs and Border Protection officer will review the form., look through your passport and check the items you are bringing back with you.

A methodical planning can make this procedure of customs clearance an easy one, to help your speed your way through customs. Not only that, you will have a list of the things you are bringing back, to check if anything is lost and also get yourself organized.

Here are a few points to smoothen your way through the customs.

Keep Your Packing List

Keeping a list of the things you brought along in the first place does not only help in organizing your luggage but help you in filling up the declaration form.

Know the Rules

Every country has its own set of customs regulations. Go through these regulations to be aware of the things you cannot bring back in the country. The governments of the U.S.A, U.K. And Canada provides information regarding customs clearance on their official websites.

Register Valuable Items

Before you travel register any high value objects that you are carrying along the trip , like laptops, cameras etc. This would act as a proof of ownership for the Customs officers when your return.

Save Receipts

Store every receipt you obtain while making any purchase on the trip. These would come handy when you are filling in the customs declaration form.

Leave Food Items Behind

Most of the countries restrict the import of food products , specially farm and meat products. Eat as enjoy as much as you want to while you travel, but avoid carrying it into your country.

Declare Everything

Declare all that you have bought or have been gifted with. Do not try to hide any object and anything that is restricted in your country. The Customs officers have all the right to confiscate any undeclared items, and you can be penalized or them. To avoid the troubles of paying fines and extra customs duty , bring in things within the customs allowance and declare them all.

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