Tips for Clearing Customs by Authorized Broker During Shipment

Clearing smoothly through the customs without any dispute or a long delay is a must for anyone who has traveled hours on an international flight. Often this customs clearance seem like a chore and wards off many vacationers. Without proper knowledge and prior preparations, custom clearance can be stressful for travelers. It is the duty of the customs officers to check that any individual entering or leaving the country follow the border security norms to avoid any terrorism threat for the country, thus adhering to the custom regulations is a must.

Here are a few tips for clearing the Canadian customs without much hassles

  • If you have a minor traveling with you, be sure to carry proof of your guardianship. If he/she is not your own child you need to carry an approval note of the child’s legal guardian. You may be asked for spot checking and proper identification papers. Thus carrying valid documents along with a valid passport and driver’s license is a requirement.
  • Importing and exporting of alcohol, alcoholic products and tobacco products are restricted in Canada. If you are carrying beyond the stated limit, you need to declare it at the customs. You will need to pay extra customs duty and taxes for carrying it. Do not try to smuggle undeclared products. To get the hassle free from importing task it is always suggested to appoint a professional or an authorized custom broker.
  • Be open with your answers at the customs. When clearing the borders you will be interviewed by the Customs Officers. You need to be honest and precise while answering them. Do not try to act funny or smart and invoke doubts in their minds. That would cause an unnecessary delay.
  • Be co-operative if you are called for extra inspection and interview. Do not feel victimized because periodic checks are often held to tighten the border security. If you answer their questions honestly and have declared anything that needs declaration and have all your extra duties paid, you need not worry.
  • If you have been traveling to agricultural farms you will have to declare that at the customs. Canadian Borders Security Agency has rules and regulations for travelers traveling to and from “exotic” places and need extra inspection.
  • Try to avoid carrying any medicines in bulk. Even if you are carrying prescribed medications, make sure it is just enough for your travel. Carrying in excess can raise doubts and cause delays.

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