DH Customs Broker

Step 3

Customs clearance documents


Required Document (provided by Seller)

Please provide 1 of the following documents to DH Customs Broker:

  • Commercial Invoice or
  • Bill of Sale or
  • Canada Customs Invoice or
  • Confirmation of Sale (required for fruits & vegetables only)

Please ensure the following information is on the document:

  • Vendor (Seller) Name & Address
  • Importer (Buyer) Name & Address
  • Consignee (Delivery Party if different than the importer) Name & Address
  • Customs Broker Name & Contact #’s
  • Carrier Name
  • Product Description
  • Value of Goods
  • Number of Packages & Weight
  • Date of Direct Shipment Date
  • Currency of Settlement (ie. USD=US Dollars, CAD=Canadian Dollars, etc.)
  • Country of Origin (for each product, state the country it was manufactured in)