Some Important Procedure of custom clearance

Customs clearance is a documented permission that is granted by the authorities of customs department to import and export goods from one country to another.  This document can be considered as an approval for every business person or an individual to carry the goods with them without any objection. Without this paper of confirmation no product or the goods will not be shipped or accepted to by the authorities to unload in any country.

  • Getting the confirmed document from the authorities of the customs clearance services is much more crucial for a shipment to get delivered. After completing the whole procedure of clearance the authorities will provide a small brief of the declaration which will be a notification.
  • A declaration regarding all goods in the package is a must in order to get a clearance from the customs authority.  Along with the goods in the particular package one must mention their name and other personal details along with the destination of the package.
  • One must provide with their business registration details and other reference materials to get their package approved by the officials of the customs clearance Canada. An examiner will complete checking the goods that are to be shipped and after confirming the weight and other measurements.
  • There is a chance of opening the package to confirm that no product that should not be exported or imported. After inspecting and verifying the goods with the entire list of declarations they will complete the rest of the procedure.
  • By completing the procedure of examining the package they will remove any unidentified goods that are prohibited to ship according to their norms. To have a safe and sound delivery of products one must only ship the goods that are not banned or the one that are not illegal to export and import.


Along with this they must carry every document which reveals the permission one gained from the customs clearance Canada. The customer clearance services include registration, processing the bills, loading the goods and one can get the customs clearance only after completing the formalities. Whether you are importing or exporting the goods the procedure will be almost same and one must declare everything and pass on the inspection of the officials.  After acquiring the permission to export or import then the goods will be stuffed into the ship or the container and will get delivered.


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