DH Customs Broker

Shipment Process

With DH Customs Broker, it has never been easier for importers and exporters to estimate their costs and begin shipping to Canada. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. Take a moment and look at our left menu bar.

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Set up an account
At DH Customs Broker, we have created a secure and simplified account setup process. By downloading our forms first, you can hand-type our fillable .pdf forms from the security of your own computer.


Customs clearance documents


Required Document (provided by Seller)

Please provide 1 of the following documents to DH Customs Broker:

  • Commercial Invoice or
  • Bill of Sale or
  • Canada Customs Invoice or
  • Confirmation of Sale (required for fruits & vegetables only)

Please ensure the following information is on the document:

  • Vendor (Seller) Name & Address
  • Importer (Buyer) Name & Address
  • Consignee (Delivery Party if different than the importer) Name & Address
  • Customs Broker Name & Contact #’s
  • Carrier Name
  • Product Description
  • Value of Goods
  • Number of Packages & Weight
  • Date of Direct Shipment Date
  • Currency of Settlement (ie. USD=US Dollars, CAD=Canadian Dollars, etc.)
  • Country of Origin (for each product, state the country it was manufactured in)