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You have come to the right place in case you were looking for licensed customs broker. Not only do we have 8 years of experience along with a dynamic and reliable client base, but we are also a certified and licensed custom broker. We provide high quality custom related services free from any kind of hassle to importers who belong from all industry types. We have a strong backing from our team of custom specialist professionals who have in depth knowledge to offer help to our customers.

Demand of Licensed Customs Broker in Canada

Under Section 9 of the Customs Act and the Customs Brokers Licensing Regulations (SOR /86-1067) the customs broker licenses are issued. The customs brokers in Canada are licensed by the Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA).

Due to this, the need for licensed customs brokers have been on the rise throughout in Canada. A look at the graph will give us a clear picture of the rising demand.

Demand for Licensed Customs Brokers - Adwords Data November 2014

This graph representing the data from Google Adwords reflect that several major cities across Canada have shown a rapid increase in the demand for licensed customs brokers. Trying to understand their needs, we have extended our services to reach out to our target audience in those areas as well.

Our services as a Licensed Customs Broker in Canada

  • Our team comprises of Licensed Customs Brokers as well as Certified Customs Specialists who make sure to adhere to all the customs compliance along with the government regulations.     
  • We have obtained clearance in all the Commercial Customs ports of entry in Canada.
  • We offer guidance to our customers for all the Trade Compliance consulting services.
  • The customs brokerage services that we offer provide
    • Clearing formal entries
    • Clearing live entries
    • Co-ordinating duty drawbacks
    • Preparing export declarations
  • All our end customers set up an account with us when placing an order.

Our simple shipment process as a Licensed Customs Broker in Canada

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Why people choose us as Licensed Customs Broker in Canada?

  • We are more than happy to respond to client queries via mails or the inquiry form.
  • Our Licensed customs brokers are easily accessible to you in order to assist you throughout the customs clearance process.
  • We offer adequate expertise and in depth resources to our clients in case they need it for the transportation of the goods.

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Customs clearance seems like an easy process as long as you have with us.

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