How to Study for Customs Broker Exam in Canada

Being a customs broker is a matter of great responsibility. A customs broker is responsible for the care of goods that is imported and exported to and from the country and well as see that the materials are not banned in that particular country, look into the information pertaining to excise duty and taxes and also has to know about the codes and rules that govern the import and export law in that land.

A person can only apply for the post after the examinations have been cleared. Then he is granted a certificate and license to work as a customs broker in Canada. Studying for that examination is not easy. There is plenty of coursework to go through and there is lots of information to study and remember. While most of the students know what to study, they cannot really follow a particular plan that will help them to remember such vast amounts of information. Here are some simple tips:

Instead of tackling the entire syllabus at once, divide it into various sections. Allot a time during the day for the study of each section- immigration laws in the morning, excise duties in the evening, taxes at night. In that way, all the sections would be covered at a regular pace. You won’t feel that you are studying one section and ignoring the rest. The progress would be uniform. It might seem like a little thing, but always make a timetable.

Be sure to revise what you have learn. None of us have a perfect memory. It is not just enough to cram your brain with information, you should also be able to retain it and recall it when required. So even if you feel you have mastered a particular section, come back to it the next day before you start with a fresh topic to study.

Always make small notes of your own. Learning from one big fat book is not enough; you will be too overwhelmed as you go deeper into the syllabus. Make your own notes and highlight the important sections so that you know the important sections when you glance at them.

IIFCBA and Canadian Society of Customs Brokers have a lot to do with these exams. SO make sure you know their guidelines and follow all the regulations that have been imposed by them so that you can get your certificate without any glitches.

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