How To Choose A Shipping Company?

Professional cargo and freight forwarders offer overseas shipment to allow easy transport household and commercial goods.

Listed below are six quick tips to take into account while choosing the perfect shipping company for container shipping services

Find out if the overseas moving company is professional:

Any company with an professional outlook will understand your requirements easily and thoroughly. It will offer you the best overseas movement services as per your budget and the bulk of goods.

Find out the kind of container shipping services is offering:

Every professional shipping company should have a variety of containers suitable for their client’s need and specialized containers for carrying goods that need protection while traveling. Find out if the company you have contacted has a dry cargo and refrigerated containers. Generally such containers are available in the sizes of 20-45 feet. Open top containers, available in 20-40 feet sizes, are cheaper and suitable for non-perishable goods, that are not affected by climatic exposure. Tank shipments are meant to carry fluids like gasoline or milk and come in 20 feet

Find out the price:

Your budget should be one of your main concerns. Find out a shipping company that does keep any hidden costs. Ask them for discounts and offers..

See if they know about shipping protocols:

Every port of a country may follow an general protocol or they can have different regional rules, The shipping company you hire should be aware of the rules of customs clearance of the port your shipment will be transported to. It can save you the trouble of availing documentation personally.

Find out if their services are customized:

A good and reputed shipping company will not be too rigid in their contract of service. Find a company that meets and understands your needs and is flexible in their service.

Registration and Licensing:

It is compulsory for a shipping company to be registered and licensed to operate overseas.Any professional shipping company should be able to procure a NVOCC number given to them by the Department of Maritime commission. It also should be associated with be associated with AMSA, FIDI or RIM.

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