Guidelines For Importing Food, Animal And Plant Product by Licensed Custom Broker

It is in the hands of The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) to make decisions regarding the policies and international norms for importation of food, plants and animals products into Canada. The risk of importing restricted FPA products within the Canadian borders are considered as a serious matter, and the CFIA working in co-ordination with the CBSA effectively manage any violation of the rules at all entry points of Canada. Its always better to appoint a licensed custom broker to get the process done.

The traveler or business person can get information about what not to bring by visiting the Canadian Government website “Be Aware and Declare”.

It would be easier for a traveler as well as an importer to declare all the FPA products at the border after arrival at Canada, pay the necessary taxes to avoid any dispute.

The undeclared restricted FPA products are considered as a health threats for the residents of Canada and its environment. Some of the items that pose as potential health threats for the Canadians can be as diversified as:

  • Sausages or meat products
  • Apples and other farm products
  • fashion accessories, that include animal parts
  • wooden products
  • live birds

The potential threats considered from FPA products are that:

  • Prepared food can carry dead animal disease and plant viruses
  • Plant and plant products can carry insects, harmful organisms, fungi and bacteria
  • Animal and animal products can cause serious diseases like the Bird Flu and foot to mouth diseases.

Restriction have been set by the CFIA and the Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada, on the amount in quantity and monetary value of the FPA products that can be brought into Canada. Within that limit the products are duty –free and can be included in the personal exemption that is allowed. If you do not have the license or permit to import the products, any quantity beyond the set limits require duties to be paid for customs clearance. The applicable rates of duty for the quantity of each FPA product can be obtained from the Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada’s website.

Some of the FPA products are restricted and is some cases totally prohibited, if they are listed under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. This organization controls the trading of animal and plants species that are threatened for extinction due to random commercial uses.

You need to be aware of each of these regulations before considering importing of Food and Plant and Animal products in Canada. We will discuss in details about the products that are allowed for import from the US other countries in Canada.

This is an overview of the norms, regulations and restrictions related to the import of FPA in Canada. The restrictions are based upon the quantity to be imported and its value in dollars. Strict specifications are laid out by the CFIA regarding every specific item. The list is updated from time to time according to any potential threat that is seen in the horizon.

The FPA products allowed to be imported from USA. You may require to show the proof of origin.

Dairy Products –up to 20 kg per person

Fresh Fruits – up to 250 kilograms of fresh fruits and vegetables per person must be free from soil, pests and soil matters.

Conifers and garden plants- restricted

Coniferous wreathes and Christmas trees- restrictions are applied for items that are infested with gypsy moth

Fresh fish and sea food- all species except Puffer fish and Mitten Crab.

Frozen, fresh, chilled Meat-restricted to 20 kg per person

Meat Products (sausages, patties, etc.)- Restricted to 20 kg/person

Animal fat- 20 kg/person

Infant formula- must be for personal use, restriction up to 20 kg per person

Fully tanned leather goods from US are allowed

Spices Tea Coffee- allowed from US

Wooden carving and other products- allowed only after inspection for insect and insect cavities.

Products that are allowed into Canada from countries other than the United States

This is a list of FPA products that are allowed to be imported from countries other than USA and the restrictions on them.

Dairy products, like cheese- restricted up to 20 kg per person

Whey, cream and other milk products- are not allowed entry.

Fish and seafood- all species are allowed except Puffer Fish and Chinese Mitten Crabs.

Fruits and vegetables-

Dried fruits are allowed up to 20 kg/person

Frozen and canned fruits are allowed up to20kg/individual

Fresh fruits are completely prohibited for entry from certain countries. Special permits are required from the exporting country in such cases, and they should be free of any soil and plant debris. The fruits that are allowed have a restriction of 250 kg / person.

Herbs, spices, tea, coffee etc. -entry is permitted

Infant formula- must be packed according to the specifications, must be for personal use and not weigh more than 20kg/person.

Leather goods and skins- they should be completely tanned

Sea shells and sea shell products, sand- entry allowed but in reasonably small quantities. They should be free from animal residue, soil and soil matter.

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