Different types of Customs Broker Jobs

A customs broker’s job involves shipment of goods across international borders and it includes monitoring the movement and abiding with government customs norms. Many people choose this as a career and depending on the company he/she is associated with, the job varies on the bulk of responsibility.

It is the duty of the customs brokers to ensure that gods are shipped from one country to another adhering to the customs guidelines of both the countries. The space of work of the brokers depend upon his/her company profile and its international location. The general duties of a customs broker is to supervise the custom inspections, understand international shipping guidelines and providing service to his/her customer. Some brokers are licensed government agency to oversee a specific location or industry. Other customs brokers work with the aim of managing private client accounts and developing new opportunities in business.

The initial job for customs broker is being a Customs Clerk. The job of a customs clerk would be an entry -level one, depending upon the organization he/she might be employed with. He/she might have the job of checking the packages, complete the basic paperworks and computer data entries. Although she/he might not be given the freedom to calculate tariffs and handle the shipping procedures, a customs clerk is an essential part of the customs broker team.

As a Customs Specialist or a Compliance Officer, an individual must have a little more experience than a customs clerk. This job may asks for thorough knowledge of laws and regulations for import/export. He/she should be able to independently calculate the required statistics. He/she may also be asked to handle strategic duties like writing the procedure of export/import, procuring legal documents and coordinating with the shipping agencies on behalf of his/her client.

The highest rung in customs brokers job is being a Customs Manager. The duty of a Customs Manager is supervision or working in collaboration of the other members of the Customs team. He/she will be held responsible for the smooth movement of the shipment by ensuring proper supervision of the checking, marking and tracking. It is his/her duty to co-ordinate the employees from the entry to mid level, and may run a separate division for shipment. He/she is the one to co-ordinate and communicates between the importer and exporter. The important strategic decisions are generally in the hands of a Customs Manager.

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