Custom Clearance for Cargo Transportation

It is mandatory for an organization to get proper Custom Clearance for the items it is importing into the country. All consignment transported via ship, air or road (trailer service) must be deposited for clearance at the Customs Notified and Bonded Area.

The Third Party Intervention:

Generally, a third neutral party that has received license from the Customs Department for Customs Brokerage and Clearance, offers the service for the same. These service providers are representatives of the “Importer”, who on their (the importer’s) behalf co-ordinate with the Customs Department and other specific departments to obtain a Custom Clearance for the cargo.  

As soon as the cargo hits the ground of the Custom Bonded Warehouse, it would be necessary to inspect and approve all the licensed items for clearance. The duties of a Customs Clearance Agent (or Broker) involves document submission, facilitation of inspection and sampling and following up for approvals.

The Customs Approval Procedure:

Each and every cargo that is exported or imported to a country needs to be deposited first at the  customs Bonded Warehouse for completing the formalities related to import and export and receiving Customs approval. Only after the completion of this procedure can the cargo be haded over to the importer (during import) or the freight forwarder (during export).

Customs Bonded Warehouse for Cargo Storage:

The cargo is usually kept at the Customs Bonded Warehouse which is a Customs Notified Area, under the charge of the Customs Department of the country. Generally, the Customs Departments at the Seaport and Airport operates and takes care of the Bonded Warehouses. If the shipping yard or the airport is a large one, the Government has to set up a separate agency or corporation for for operating these Bonded Warehouses.

At time,s the Government also provides licenses to Customs Clearance Agents for setting up Bonded Warehouses in case of cargo that is to be exported. This increases the pace of the process in which the cargo is offloaded, the customs formalities are completed and post customs approval, the items are stuffed into the shipping container.

It is clear from above that moving cargo inside or outside a country, completely depends on the Customs Department and a Customs Broker is the only way to get permission for transportation. Make sure that you hire the service of a licensed Customs Clearance Agent for transporting your cargo.

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