Commercial Customs Brokerage Services Unique to Air

Commercial customs brokers help you to go through a smooth processing of your shipment and its clearance at customs without any hassles. When hiring a customs brokers in Canada make sure that they are licensed by the Canadian Border Services Agency. If your shipment is coming by air, then your commercial customs brokers Canada with experience and expertise will be able to help you in the following areas:

  • The customs clearance services with good brokers begin while your shipments are still in planes.
  • They will help you deal with all complications associated with shipments and make sure that the duty and tax ratings are accurate.
  • These brokers use an online tracking application for monitoring shipments all throughout the journey.
  • When shipments come by air, the routine customs clearance provided by brokers takes into account all service rates specially meant for air.
  • Experienced customs brokerage services aid in speedy clearance from customs of all international shipments you have. They also use their in-depth knowledge and expertise to transfer special goods which might require additional fee without any charges.
  • They also help in clearing live as well as formal entries, coordinating duty drawbacks, helping in temporary import bands and preparing for export declarations.
  • Customs brokers of Canada arrange flight bookings with carriers and are responsible for the preparation of all documents related to customs, banking, airline, etc. Further, they also arrange for nationwide pickup of shipments from your location and transfer them to any airport you choose.

The aim of these brokerage services remains to simplify the processes of export and import of everything from small packages to larger industrial products. These brokers do not limit their services to any particular airline but always aim to provide the fastest and most cost effective service to you, thus only choosing the most appropriate airline for your particular situation.

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