Why Should We Appoint a Licensed Custom Broker?

If you are new into import business, it can be rather daunting for you to arrange for the import brokerage. The national security at present is going through an all time high value and there are also several other important responsibilities and regulations that must be adhered to in order to arrange for the import brokerage.

If you are new into the import business and have little or no knowledge about the rules and the regulations of the import processes, it can cost you dearly in terms of money as penalties. Thus it is needless to say that as an importer, you must remember that you have the basic knowledge about the various import rules, regulations and responsibilities. However, there is also a great alternative available to you. You need not know everything at all and can concentrate on what you do best- the business. There are licensed custom brokers available who can assist you with the various processes of importing in the most convenient manner.

Why you should hire a licensed custom broker in Canada?

The first and the foremost reason why you should make it a point to hire a licensed custom broker in Canada is because of the compliance. It can be a rather time consuming and difficult task to sort the HTSUS (Harmonized Tariff Schedule of United States) in the country, and also keep a track on the various customs regulations. To comply with all those regulations and also sort through the importing process needs professional expertise that can only be provided by the licensed custom brokers.

The task of a licensed custom broker

The main task of a licensed custom broker is to classify all the items in the most accurate manner on the commercial invoice provided by you as an importer. He holds more information and knowledge about the latest requirements and regulations that the Customs or the other government agencies have imposed on the importing rules. He will also be able to proceed with the importing duties with any extra notifications and filings that might be required at the last moment.

Another thing that a good and a reliable licensed customs broker can do for you is that in case you have made any mistake in your entries, he will be able to correct them. In case you submit the application for entry with the mistakes, you stand a chance of stern penalty issued by the Customs department.

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5 Most Important Functions Of Commercial Customs Brokers

The global economy depends majorly on the international trade factor. Unless the countries are able to trade in an international format, their economy will take a huge blow. The countries will not be allowed to sell goods to the other countries which need them and this will in turn affect the business and its customer base in a huge manner.

To facilitate the international trading around the globe, there are certain governing bodies and committees in all the countries that look to the different official works for the trading business. there are agents and brokers who oversees the various ways in which a business owner is able to manage his international trade in the most convenient manner.

The tasks of commercial customs broker

The commercial customs broker is the one who advises and guides the importers about the exporting and the importing of the goods in and out of the country. He is also responsible for certain key activities related to importing and exporting trades. Some of his responsibilities are discussed below for your knowledge:

  • He is responsible for providing the importers with business information so that they are able to ship their products from the country to different parts of the world as per the business requirements.
  • He helps the various import export organizations with the necessary documentations and paper works that are needed for the importing of the goods.
  • He is also responsible to oversee the shipments so that they clear the customs without any hassles.
  • He keeps the latest information and knowledge about the latest fees and tariffs that an importer must pay in order to clear his shipments from the country to the different parts of the world.

The advantages of becoming a commercial customs broker in Canada

If you wish to make a career in customs broking, it is a good idea to pursue commercial customs broker in Canada. There are several advantages and benefits that you can avail as a commercial customs broker in Canada. For instance,

  • The job is a well paid one of course. Depending on your experience, sky is the limit for your earnings.
  • You will have the ability to work with people from different sectors.
  • There is immense job security when you are a commercial customs broker. The service is in high demand always and thus there is never the fear of losing the job.


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5 Duties and 5 Responsibility of Licensed Custom Broker

The duties of a licensed customs broker include helping the exporters and importers with the different federal requirements that are needed for international shipment. The customs brokers are licensed by the US Customs and Border Protection and they are responsible for the compliance of the import and the export business with that of the trade laws and regulations.

The Duties of Licensed Custom Brokers

The job and the responsibilities of licensed custom broker include guiding and also advising the clients on the correct procedures for the import and the export documentations and applications. It is also his duty to help with the transaction of the customs business on behalf of the importer. As a licensed customs broker, he must possess his license and also keep it current all the while maintaining the customs permit for all those areas in which he will be conducting transactions and customer businesses.

A broker can be issued penalties and fines in case he violates the trade laws or neglects his duties as a customs broker.

Responsibility of a licensed customs broker

The customs broker must possess a valid power of attorney on behalf of the importer clients so that they are able to conduct the import business for them. It is the responsibility of the licensed customs broker to verify the identity of the importer who is issuing the power of attorney and his authority to sign on the legal documents. In any case, a business power of attorney is valid for a period of two years. As a representative of the business client, the licensed customs broker is also responsible for explaining the customs laws and the regulations regarding the transactions to the international trading business in order to ensure complete compliance.

Customs transaction

The licensed customs broker is responsible for preparing all the necessary documentations to clear the shipments that leave the country for the purpose of import.

Payment of fees and the customs duties

Once the entry is made, the customs duties must be paid within the next ten working days. The broker is responsible for paying the fees on behalf of the client.

Record keeping

It is the job of the broker to keep all the documents and paper works recorded in an orderly manner for the next five years from the date of entry for future reference. All the records must be kept confidential and must only be shared with the clients.

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Tips for Clearing Customs by Authorized Broker During Shipment

Clearing smoothly through the customs without any dispute or a long delay is a must for anyone who has traveled hours on an international flight. Often this customs clearance seem like a chore and wards off many vacationers. Without proper knowledge and prior preparations, custom clearance can be stressful for travelers. It is the duty of the customs officers to check that any individual entering or leaving the country follow the border security norms to avoid any terrorism threat for the country, thus adhering to the custom regulations is a must.

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Importing Goods in Canada by Licensed Custom Broker

You just cannot bring in any good into a country. Importing is a structured process and if you wish to procure goods from another country into Canada you need to follow some norms of the Canadian Border Security Agency

The process of importing can seem very daunting, due to the number of paper works it require, the number of rules and regulations and the monitoring it requires. You can handle the process yourself, or you can appoint a reputed licensed customs broker to handle the trouble for you and be with you through the entire procedure.

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Guidelines For Importing Food, Animal And Plant Product by Licensed Custom Broker

It is in the hands of The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) to make decisions regarding the policies and international norms for importation of food, plants and animals products into Canada. The risk of importing restricted FPA products within the Canadian borders are considered as a serious matter, and the CFIA working in co-ordination with the CBSA effectively manage any violation of the rules at all entry points of Canada. Its always better to appoint a licensed custom broker to get the process done.

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FAQs on Licensed Custom Broker

What is a licensed customs broker, and why do I need one?

A customs broker can be an individual or a company with a license from the CBSA to handle importing on behalf of their clients. Though an individual can handle the process by himself, but since the importing procedure has many aspects attached it is wiser to appoint a licensed customs broker. Every transaction during the import is handled by the customs broker, including documentation of the goods, meeting with the trade regulations, making payments to the CBSA, providing advice to enhance the business opportunities, and most important of all handling the stress associated with this lengthy procedure of import. In short a customs broker is need to take the load off the shoulder of their clients.

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Technology Solutions to Streamline Shipment at Commercial Customs

Business operations today are much different from what they used to be. There has been a considerable rise in international trade making essential the tracking of incoming and outgoing goods. Technological advancement has also made it possible to make the work more organized and effective. Your licensed customs broker might be able to suggest some good software for handling your shipment at commercial custom areas. These software perform the primary task of tracking and processing shipment data and other related documents. Technology for streamlining your shipment can be used for any or all of the following functions:

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How to Select a Customs Broker for Imports less than 1000 Shipments Per Year

Records have shown that more than 220,000 importers deal with the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) every year. They are sort of bound to rely on the services of a licensed customs broker for getting their shipments cleared at the border. In order to ensure a successful transaction, brokers need to generate crucial business data which includes but is not limited to the country of origin of the shipments and where they are headed, classification of tariffs, who the suppliers are, what is the route through which they will be traveling and so on. It is only the licensed customs broker Canada who can process all of this information together and make sure that the goods are cleared.

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Commercial Customs Brokerage Services Unique to Ocean

Commercial customs brokers aid international shipping by setting up contracts with various ocean carriers. Those with proper licensing and membership have access to the best competitive rates for all in bound and out bound shipments for Canada. These brokers are responsible for arranging bookings with ocean carriers apart from preparing documents related to shipping, banking steamship, customs, etc. Commercial customs brokers Canada are also responsible for the following:

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