5 Duties and 5 Responsibility of Licensed Custom Broker

The duties of a licensed customs broker include helping the exporters and importers with the different federal requirements that are needed for international shipment. The customs brokers are licensed by the US Customs and Border Protection and they are responsible for the compliance of the import and the export business with that of the trade laws and regulations.

The Duties of Licensed Custom Brokers

The job and the responsibilities of licensed custom broker include guiding and also advising the clients on the correct procedures for the import and the export documentations and applications. It is also his duty to help with the transaction of the customs business on behalf of the importer. As a licensed customs broker, he must possess his license and also keep it current all the while maintaining the customs permit for all those areas in which he will be conducting transactions and customer businesses.

A broker can be issued penalties and fines in case he violates the trade laws or neglects his duties as a customs broker.

Responsibility of a licensed customs broker

The customs broker must possess a valid power of attorney on behalf of the importer clients so that they are able to conduct the import business for them. It is the responsibility of the licensed customs broker to verify the identity of the importer who is issuing the power of attorney and his authority to sign on the legal documents. In any case, a business power of attorney is valid for a period of two years. As a representative of the business client, the licensed customs broker is also responsible for explaining the customs laws and the regulations regarding the transactions to the international trading business in order to ensure complete compliance.

Customs transaction

The licensed customs broker is responsible for preparing all the necessary documentations to clear the shipments that leave the country for the purpose of import.

Payment of fees and the customs duties

Once the entry is made, the customs duties must be paid within the next ten working days. The broker is responsible for paying the fees on behalf of the client.

Record keeping

It is the job of the broker to keep all the documents and paper works recorded in an orderly manner for the next five years from the date of entry for future reference. All the records must be kept confidential and must only be shared with the clients.

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