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Why Should We Appoint a Licensed Custom Broker?

If you are new into import business, it can be rather daunting for you to arrange for the import brokerage. The national security at present is going through an all time high value and there are also several other important … Continue reading

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5 Most Important Functions Of Commercial Customs Brokers

The global economy depends majorly on the international trade factor. Unless the countries are able to trade in an international format, their economy will take a huge blow. The countries will not be allowed to sell goods to the other … Continue reading

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5 Duties and 5 Responsibility of Licensed Custom Broker

The duties of a licensed customs broker include helping the exporters and importers with the different federal requirements that are needed for international shipment. The customs brokers are licensed by the US Customs and Border Protection and they are responsible … Continue reading

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Tips for Clearing Customs by Authorized Broker During Shipment

Clearing smoothly through the customs without any dispute or a long delay is a must for anyone who has traveled hours on an international flight. Often this customs clearance seem like a chore and wards off many vacationers. Without proper … Continue reading

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Importing Goods in Canada by Licensed Custom Broker

You just cannot bring in any good into a country. Importing is a structured process and if you wish to procure goods from another country into Canada you need to follow some norms of the Canadian Border Security Agency The … Continue reading

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